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  • Providing you with high quality sound systems, fine musical instruments, conference solutions, DJ equipment, professional light systems, concert stages and solar systems.
  • Conference System
    Bringing you one of the best conferencing and installed sound solutions. With decades of experience in simultaneous interpretation of equipment services to hotels, government companies and international organizations.
  • Musical Instrument
    State of the art equipment imported from trusted partners with a wide variety of choices. Ranging from guitars and drum sets to pianos, keyboards and trumpets.
  • Solar Lights
    With economic, easy to use and lasting solar equipment that we can provide you here at ABC Trading, you would have no concerns when going camping or if suddenly you have power failures at your home.
  • Sound Systems
    You would be fully equipped for a stage or studio with our reliable mixing consoles and combos, amplifiers, speakers and microphones; Be it for a big or small event.